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      Founded in 1950 and attached to the China National Biotec Group, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products is a major research institution for national medical microbiology, immunology and cell engineering and a large high-tech enterprise for production of biological products for human use. It is the immunization planning guidance center in the middle south region and one of the six major production bases of biological products. It is also one of the first to bestow doctoral and master's degrees approved by State Council.
      Since its founding, WIBP has made great progress in biological products manufacturing and research and cultivated a large number of veteran experts in biological products.  These experts include 1 WHO expert, 12 experts on the National New Drug Review Committee, 2 experts on the Biological Products Standardization Committee of the Ministry of Health and 22 experts receiving provincial and municipal allowance. WIBP has undertaken many major projects such as the National Strategic Research program, the "863" Plan, the "863" Youth Research Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Torch Program, the Spark Program and important provincial and municipal research programs. WIBP received 147 various level achievement awards and scientific and technological progress awards.  WIBP also has cell engineering, genetic engineering, bio-fermentation, monoclonal antibodies, protein purification and many other advanced technologies and products.  The set up of the bio-safety P3 laboratory further improved the research strength of WIBP.
      In recent years, besides completing development and production tasks for mandatory national biological products, we also engaged in the research of high-tech biological products. In particular, we have such great strength and rich experiences in the transformation of scientific findings that we won three national high-tech industrialization demonstration projects. Currently, we have four product lines including prophylactic products, blood products, therapeutic products and diagnostic products. We have over 30 kinds of products with more than 100 specifications. With a quality assurance system throughout the entire process from the procurement of raw materials to finished products to sales, our product quality is very stable. A number of our major products’ quality has remained at the top level in the country. More than ten products have won national, provincial and municipal quality awards. While creating great economic and social benefits, WIBP has made a significant contribution for preventing diseases and protecting people's health.  
      With the mission statement, "orient towards society, serve the people, quality first, reputation first," and conforming to the spirit of unity, endeavor, practicality and innovation, WIBP is committed to the development of the national pharmaceutical industry and strives to make due contribution to human health.
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