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  Closing the Technology Gap through a Study Tour[2009-9-2]
  Implemented Care, Grass Roots Guidance——President [2009-8-27]
  WIBP Outstanding Individuals and Representatives o[2009-8-25]
  WIBP Carries Out Training Program for Personnel Go[2009-8-24]
  Tenth National Symposium on Biological Products he[2009-8-21]
  Biological Products Regulation and Quality Control[2009-8-20]
  Extensively Hear Opinions, Actively Improve Servic[2009-8-17]
  Grasp Central Committee Documents, Combat Corrupti[2009-8-13]
  China Biotech Group First Half of 2009 Marketing M[2009-8-12]
  First Preparatory Meeting of Co-translating "VACCI[2009-8-12]
  WIBP Main Structure of Employee Housing Constructi[2009-8-11]
  National "Medical Immunology" Teaching Symposium H[2009-8-10]
  Notice on “Double Hundred” Selection Activity[2009-8-5]
  China National Biotech Group 2008 Professional Pos[2009-8-4]
  WIBP First Half of 2009 Marketing Network Summary [2009-8-3]
  WIBP First Half of 2009 Marketing Summary Meeting [2009-7-31]
  Eight WIBP Personnel went to Japan to Study Labora[2009-7-24]
  Stabilizing Product Quality and Consolidating Deve[2009-7-23]
  WIBP Receives A in the Performance Evaluation of t[2009-7-17]
  Joint Efforts to Build Township and Village Enterp[2009-7-13]
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