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Implemented Care, Grass Roots Guidance——President and Party Committee Secretary of the China Biotech Group, Lifeng Wang, went to WIBP to Inspect and Guide Work

      Braving the hot weather on August 25th, President and Party Committee secretary of the China Biotech Group, Lifeng Wang, came to WIBP to inspect and guide work.
      WIBP held a meeting of mid-level and above managers in the morning. President Wang debriefed on the WIBP work report for January to August of 2009. The President and deputy secretary of WIBP, Yang Xiaoming, directed the meeting.  On behalf the leadership team, Vice President Shuyuan Wei reported on the operation, production, construction, research, and business prospects of WIBP. Party Committee Secretary, Guangrong Zou, reported on the in-depth implementation of the Scientific Outlook on Development, strengthening enterprise management, improving production quality, enhancing staff quality and other aspects.
      After hearing the report, Wang made a warm speech. She said with happiness that data and facts showed both WIBP business and employee spiritual outlook is doing very well. WIBP is racing against time and the gap between the best companies within the industry is getting smaller and smaller. She was very excited and had heartfelt joy. With the fast pace of development in recent years and five major products, namely "four dishes and one soup," many benefits were gained. Although blood products declined in proportion, it will have more room for development in the future. It is hoped that by centering on the business objectives, WIBP shall focus on the production and research of diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis combined vaccines and rabies and rotavirus vaccines. As the company flourishes, employee benefits will improve. WIBP is now in a very good development stage with growing popularity and market reputation. The key point now is to increase product quantity and improve product quality to make a name for ourselves. All staff should cherish this excellent situation and their posts. The leadership team should be concerned about their staff and create a harmonious working environment. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all WIBP staff for the contributions made to the Biotech Group.
      Wang briefed the operation of the Biotech Group from January to July and the progress of the merger with Sinopharm. She hoped that everyone stands tall and sees far to seize opportunities for development.
      President Yang talked about the important role Biotech Group played in the second-class enterprise development. To fulfill the expectations of the Biotech Group, WIBP will strive to do a good job in the research of rotavirus vaccine and strengthen and expand diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis combined vaccines, rabies vaccines and other advantageous products. In the mean time, WIBP will also enhance management co-ordination and the building of enterprise culture to achieve sound and rapid development. On behalf of WIBP, Yang thanked the Biotech Group for the substantial support given to the development of WIBP.
      After the meeting, President Wang specifically went to the Rotavirus Vaccine workshop to inspect all facilities and heard a progress report by the rotavirus vaccine project group that Wang was satisfied with. In the hot afternoon sun, Wang went to the WIBP Golden Bridge production base for inspection and guidance. She visited the newly renovated water plant, the polysaccharide vaccine workshop and the measles and mumps vaccine workshop. She was very pleased by the newly renovated “Seven Five Technology Project” building, the new blood products building, the new storage building and the overall changes in the production base. She spoke highly of the quality and speed of construction of the Golden Bridge production base.
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