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WIBP Carries Out Training Program for Personnel Going Abroad

      August 13, 2009, the WIBP International Cooperation Department held a special training program for two professional teams going abroad before they left the country. One team is the "Plasma Fractionation" PPPS technical training team that was selected from the entire institute. They will be sent to ProMetic laboratory in the United States to receive training in PPPS technology. Upon completion of the training, they will serve as the new backbone of WIBP for plasma fractionation technology. Led by the Director of the Blood Product Department, Cesheng Li, this team includes six selected key personnel and four blood product experts. The other team was the cell and virus culture team led by the Director of the JE Vaccine Department. They will go to Coriell Institute in the United States to study cell culture techniques and to the University of Pennsylvania for virus culture study.
      President Yang Xiaoming attended the meeting and delivered a mobilization speech. He said, sending our best technicians abroad to receive training not only is an important move in building internationalized personnel for WIBP, but also is a need for future business development. President Yang hoped that by taking this training opportunity, everyone would effectively improve their English communication skills and professional skills and be able to solve problems when they come back home. They would also learn advanced laboratory management and the scientific attitude in the United States and strive for the best work style. In addition, according to his own overseas experience, President Yang talked about livelihood, security and communication while living abroad. In particular, he pointed out the need to comply with local laws and respect local customs.
      Finally, President Yang, on behalf of the WIBP leadership team, wished everyone going abroad well, a safe return and a successful completion of their training task.
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