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Closing the Technology Gap through a Study Tour

      In order to enable the Engineering Technology Department to learn engineering maintenance and project management from advanced enterprises, broaden staff vision and inspire work enthusiasm, according to the Office of the President, the Human Resources Department organized a study tour that will be implemented in the summer production off season from July 24th to August 30th.
      With the help of the Engineering Technology Department, a study tour plan, including study objectives, detailed learning content and a specific itinerary, was made and will be strictly enforced. The entire study tour is carried out in two ways. One is to visit the outstanding locally listed companies, such as the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and the Fiberhome Technology Group. The other way is to visit the outstanding manufacturing enterprises outside the province, such as Xian-Janssen, Shanghai East FuLong, Changsha Chutian, Shandong Xinhua and other companies. Tours outside the province is divided into four groups with each group containing about 15 to 20 people. The first group has all the group leaders of the Engineering Department and will visit Xian-Janssen Inc., Xian Lijun Pharmaceutical and the Xian Global Printing Company. The second group comprises the cooling power, air-conditioning and plumbing maintenance staff and will be visiting the Shanghai East FuLong Company, the Shanghai Ritai Company and the Nanjing Tianjia Company. The third group comprising electrician, pipe repair and boiler personnel will be visiting the Changsha Chutian Company and the Hengyang Boiler Plant. The fourth group of plumbing and power distribution staff will be visiting Shandong Xinhua, Xu Ji Electric Company and other enterprises.
      The leadership team of WIBP attached great importance and concern to the study tour. President Yang Xiaoming gave clear instructions on the study requirements and objectives in the mobilization meeting to emphasize not only learning the project management concepts from the advanced enterprises, enhancing cooperation and changing work style, but also seeking advice, opening up one’s mind, broadening views and improving service quality. Vice President Wei Shuyuan and Yang Xiaobing led the tour.
      Through the field trip at Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and the Fiberhome Technology Group, engineers learned the fast developing speed of local manufacturing industries and the advanced management experiences of the listed companies. They improved their knowledge and understood the problems the developing enterprises need to overcome.
      Engineers not only listened to the technical aspect of talks, but also toured the on-site management. Xian-Janssen, as a member of Johnson & Johnson of the United States, has a higher level of management philosophy. Shanghai East FuLong Company is located in Shanghai with active thoughts and advanced on-site management experience. Changsha Chutian Company is developing rapidly with strict business management and clear engineering procedures. As a previously state-owned company, Shandong Xinhua expanded their production scale after becoming a listed company and set an example. Each of these companies is different with its own management characteristics.
      At Xian-Janssen, engineers watched the on-site robotic operation and automated assembly line while wearing dust-proof uniforms. Everyone was amazed at the design of the plants, their management philosophy and the fully automated equipment. At the Shanghai East Fulong workshop, their on-site management and automatic cabinet line were very admirable. The production line of the Changsha Chutian Company was appreciated. At Shandong Xinhua, its rapid development and innovative spirit deeply touched everyone. Through direct communication with the technical staff of these manufacturers, engineers had a deeper understanding of the daily engineer maintenance work. They also had great exchanges of ideological concepts.
      After the field trip, the Department of Engineering Technology staff will be asked to sum up and compare activities to close the technology gap and to prepare for the reform of engineering project management in order to completely change and enhance WIBP project level management.
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