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WIBP Graduate Education Overview

Founded in 1950, WIBP is engaged in research and education of microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, and cancer diagnostics, prevention and treatment.  It is also an organization for production and development of biological products.  Since resuming the graduate programs in 1978, it is one of the first to bestow doctoral and master's degrees in microbiology and immunology.  It also has the only PhD program within the biological product system across the country.  In the early 90’s, the State Education Commission declared that WIBP has the right to grant doctoral and master’s degrees in immunology and master’s degrees in pathogen biology (formerly Microbiology)

The overall strength of research and education at WIBP is high.  After years of rapid development, WIBP has cultivated a large number of experienced experts in biological products.  It has undertaken many major projects such as the National Strategic Research program, the "863" Plan, the "863" Youth Research Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Torch Program, the Spark Program and important provincial research programs.  WIBP has received 110 awards, at all levels, for scientific and technological progress.  WIBP also has certain advantages in the research and teaching instruments area.  It has several medium to big sized precision instruments and equipment, such as the P3 laboratory and bio-reactor, nucleic acid sequencing devices, nucleic acid synthesizers, peptide analyzers, fluorescence microscopy, PCR instruments, AKTA system, FPLC, etc.

WIBP has three Doctoral mentors, 17 Doctoral students; 17 Master mentors, and 83 Master students.  All the graduates obtain the corresponding degree and become professionals in the area of biotechnology and biological products and research.  We have admission once each fall.  Since there are few students, the application dates and other procedures are the same as the Tongji Medical College.  The courses will also be carried out there.
  WIBP would like to resolve problems with low benefits of current graduate students so that they can dedicate themselves to learning and research and become high-quality professionals with both ability and integrity.  To this end, and in order to better train future researchers, WIBP has established graduate student loans to assist in living and medical expenses.  We plan to take several steps in order to meet new situations and challenges, to attempt to combine technology and personnel training, and to enhance team-building for doctoral students.  We have planned to hire doctoral mentors from a group of well-educated experts and professors in the China National Biotech Group.  We shall also expand enrollment range, train a number of senior professionals for biological products systems, and accelerate the development of biological products by relying on scientific and technological progress.

We welcome all young people who would like to devote themselves to biological product research to apply to our graduate school!

Contact: Yan Li

Tel: (027) 88843621


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